Results through workshops, brown bag lunch series, consulting and technical assistance.

Resilient Families

Providing families with the tools
they need to protect children,
manage time and stress, and
parent in positive, effective ways
allows families to become more
resilient; bouncing back from the
things that life throws at them.

Resilient Organizations

Organizations can develop
resilience – those that have
innovative approaches to
the “human capital” of their
business culture are better
equipped to adapt to changes
they face, from multiple angles.

Resilient Communities

Communities thrive when their
residents are connected; to one
another and to resources.
If communities invest in themselves
and people have a sense of
belonging then we are on the way to creating resilient communities.

Services Offered to Create Safe Spaces

Environmental Scans

Policy Scans



Technical Support


Certified Instructor of the Year 

Tracy Leonard, California 

“This award is given to an Instructor who shows outstanding commitment to supporting Facilitators and developing new prevention initiatives. Tracy has spent the last few years building a new, expansive network of child advocates throughout California. A mentor and motivator to new facilitators, she has also pioneered Virtual Facilitator Workshops, leading the way with co-instructing, mastering the technology, and mentoring new virtual instructors on it.”

Workshop and Training Experience

Darkness to Light, Stewards of Children Authorized Facilitator

Darkness to Light, Certified Instructor

ACEs, Trauma and Resiliency, created and presented

Children’s Stories That Build Resiliency, created and presented at:

The Cost of Caring, presented in partnership with Trauma Informed Community Network of Fairfax County Virginia

Mandated Reporter Training, created and presented

Operation Safe Babies, created and presented

SCAN Speakers Bureau, created and presented

Creating Resilient Families, created and presented

Summertime Traffic to the RAINN Hotline, created and presented at RAINN (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network)

Mobilizing the Moms, created and presented at Ignite 2021

See it. Stop it: Tackling Abuse in Amateur Sports, Resource Panel

Let me help make your spaces safer

Whether you are looking for parenting tips, prevention training for your staff, or an environmental scan to discover hidden and secluded areas; there are many things I can help you with in making your spaces safer. Let’s connect and see where you are in your process and what the next steps can be.

I have trained over 1500 adults in child sexual abuse prevention and over 200 new facilitators using the Stewards of Children® curriculum, and was recently named the Darkness to Light 2021 Instructor of the Year.

I am also a former classroom teacher, school administrator and currently serve as the Managing Editor for San Francisco Bay Area Moms where I write on topics about child safety, abuse prevention and parenting.

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